The Winds of Change

Born of fire
a story of the change

March 16th 2012 6:15pm

A blinding white light engulfs your vision, stabs though your eyes and explodes with pain in your head! Afterwards all electronics and combustion ceased to work. This is where our story begins…

Kyle Johnson “Leaf Runner” – SF bike messenger. Narrowly escaped San Francisco as it became engulfed in chaos and fire. Fled to Daly City on his bike where he befriended, Rick and Jane Starr as well as Joe and Beth Snell. Together with Klye’s grandparents George and Jean Johnson they sailed north.

G.R. Rueger – History teacher at CCSF. Returning from Las Vegas on a 737 when the change hit, he miraculously survived falling from the plane on the inflated emergency slide. After a day of fading in and out of consciousness while floating in the SF bay he was saved by Kyle and the others on the way north…only to be detoured to make port in Oakland. The Bay Bridge was destroyed and on fire.

Jeffrey Saunders – Berkeley business owner of a military antique and restoration fabrication shop. Kidnapped by angry gang bangers from Oakland along with his daughter Jennifer Saunders who assumed they were Nazi’s due to his work on period pieces for an upcoming movie. Both were saved from execution in Oakland by Kyle, G.R. and the others.

March 17th 2012 2:13pm

Now Kyle, G.R., Jeffery, Jennifer, Rick, Jane, Joe, Beth, George, Jean along with three other fellow rescue-es. Rogan(Roe), Barry(Bear) and Charlie(Curly) who were members of the Devil Dogs, a criminal biker gang based in Idaho. They all prayed to God that if they got out of this they would change their lives. After Kyle saved them they held true to their vow, quit the gang and pledged themselves to Kyle and the group.

The group continues it’s quest to reach the hunting lodge north of Eureka that Joe and Beth are part owners to wait out or survive the craziness of “the change” in the remote safety of Six Rivers National Park.

March 18th 2012 10:00am

Jeffrey spent the next morning putting together a new makeshift catamaran build from a small sail boat and 2 shells (row team boats) lashed to it. This made room for everyone and all the equipment to sail in some sort of comfort.

March 18th 2012 6:55pm

After nine hours of sailing Joe sees a bus under attack near the shore and lands nearby. The group quickly dispatches a small group of four pseudo military men harassing a tour bus of sixteen high school age kids.

The group makes camp for evening to prepare for the long road to Healdsburg…


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